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We ensure that our plants are grown in the best environment possible.  This starts with clean, environmentally conscious cocoa coir rather than using dirt.  The cocoa provides anti fungal properties which reduces risk of pests letting the root systems thrive to their fullest potential.


Giving our plants the best opportunity means starting with a strong clone.  To ensure a good root base we use:

Hormex Rooting Powder

Helps to prevent root rot in cuttings naturally Is alcohol, dye and preservative free for healthier clones. Ensures proper oxygen levels


Feeding our plants through out the life cycle is key to a successful harvest and we use only natural/organic certified nutrients. We ONLY use pesticides AS NEEDED and only use Organically Certified and WSDA approved brands.


REGALIA®   OMRI Certified for Organic Use  Advanced bio fungicides activate a plant’s natural defenses to protect against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases, resulting in higher quality and yields.


Actinovate® SP – OMRI listed for Organic Use  based on the beneficial bacteria Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108.


Flying Skull® - OMRI listed for Organic Use  formulated with all food grade ingredients. Fighting insects and powdery mildew with ingredients you would find in a loaf of bread.


AzaMaxx®  - OMRI listed for Organic Use   Natural insecticide, miticide, and nematicide extracted from the neem seed kernel, through patented extraction technology.

Safe for pollinators, parasites, predators, earthworms and soil microbes

Safe for the environment, human, and pets


Gnatrol® WDG Biological Larvicide - OMRI listed for Organic Use  offers highly selective, effective control of fungus gnat larvae, especially for those growers concerned with worker safety, the environment and resistance management.

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