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Our Farm

Our team brings unparalleled cannabis growing expertise.  We affectionately refer to them as "Smart Squad", producing the best top shelf A bud!

We have separate growing regions that enable us to control harvest cycles, optimize our grow environments & bring the freshest product to market.   We grow in natural sustainable coco coir.  Using this medium is one step away from hydroponic, and naturally pest free.  The root environment the cocoa creates supports thriving cannabis plants.  When necessary, we use organic certified, all natural, preventative pesticides.

Our plants flourish due to the individual attention given them from clone to harvest.  We hand water, hand trim and closely monitor the growing cycle which ensures fully developed flower.


After drying, we hand trim our buds and then take an additional step; curing the buds to bring out the smoothest smoke.  This creates sticky, beautiful, flavorful nugs for our customers enjoyment!


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