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GC 2048x2048 flr.jpg

Gelato Cake

Guided relaxed hybrid

Creamy with a sweet hint of vanilla


lineage: Gelato 33, Wedding Cake

PhD Gelato Cake_web icon.png
DB 2048x2048 flw.jpg

Donkey Butter

Relaxed & uplifted

forest & earthy with a hint of sour citrus

lineage: Grease Monkey, Triple OG

PhD Donkey Butter_web icon.png
BS 800x800 flw.jpg
Indica dominant hybrid

Big Smooth

Happy & eurphoric

Smooth pine with peppery undertones

lineage: OG Blueberry, Cookies & Cream

PhD Big Smooth_web icon.png
Indica hybrid

Space Runtz

Calm & tingly

Pineapple, sweet berry, herbal

lineage: Candy Rain, Runtz

SR Icon.jpeg
Sativa dominant hybrid

Tropicanna Banana

Lasting energy

Fruity banana with

tropical, sweet and fresh flavor

lineage: Tropicanna, Banana Kush

TB Icon.jpeg
SR or PC FLR.jpg
Indica dominant hybrid

Pirate Cake

Social & creative

Spicy with citrus & moss,

creamy berry undertones

lineage: Glue, Do Si Do

PC Icon.jpeg
Biscotti FLR.jpg
Indica hybrid


Socially buzzed

Earthy sweet diesel &

cinnamon cookies

lineage: Gelato 25, South Florida OG

BC Icon.jpeg
PinkRuntzFullFLR copy.jpg
Balanced Hybrid

Pink Runtz

Unfocused & giddy

Notes of cherry & sweet, fruity candy

lineage: Zkittles, Gelato

PR Icon.jpeg
DT Flr Cls.jpg
Indica dominant hybrid

Duct Tape

Stress melting

Earthy & grassy with chocolate undertones

lineage: Glue, Do Si Do

PhD Duct Tape_web icon.png
LEG 2048x2048 flr.jpg

Legend OG

Relaxed & soothing

Floral & pungent with a hint of gas

lineage: OG Kush

PhD Legend OG_web icon.png
Indica dominant hybrid

Cherry Cheese Cake

Calming & euphoric

Cheesy, a hint of fruit, & a little earthy

high in limonene terpines

lineage: Cheese, Cherry

PhD Cherry Cheese Cake_web icon.png

Coming Soon

PhD is currently researching new strains

to bring to you!

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